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Plan 9

House Size - 16 ft x 24 ft


INR 4,50,000/-

*Cost mentioned is without Civil, electrical, flooring & Plumbing works.

plan 7.jpg

Plan Description

✅Cost of a Bamboo or Recycled Plastic House does not include the following works, and the customer has to arrange the below mentioned works at his/her cost.

✔️ Civil foundation / plinth/ cement platform if the house is constructed on ground, if the house is on terrace, foundation is not required.

✔️ One feet brick work around the house.

✔️ House Flooring

✔️ Electrical works for the house

✔️ Plumbing & Sanitary works for the house.

✔️ Material transportation cost from Hyderabad to your site (cost will depend on the site location)

✔️ Food, travel & accommodation cost of 2 or 3 people, if site of construction is outside 25kms of Hyderabad

✅All the above-mentioned costs are separate from the house cost mentioned and has to be borne by the customer at actuals. We will not be doing works mentioned above, we can only guide.

✅Note : Customer is free to make changes to the house design to suit his/her requirements or you can share your hand drawn sketch to us enabling us to give you the cost estimate.

Plan Details






Area - 384 sq ft

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