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Social Enterprise creating livelihood opportunities at the base of the economic pyramid.

Building eco-friendly Homes with Bamboo and Recycled Plastic.

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About Us

Welcome to Bamboo House India, an embodiment of the fusion between sustainability and innovation within the dynamic realm of architecture and ecological construction. We are a group of architects, designers, artisans, social entrepreneurs, and environmental enthusiasts on a mission to carve out a future where sustainable living takes the centre stage.


In the intricate drapery of our initiatives, we seamlessly weave together the rich tapestry and potential of bamboo and recycled plastic as a versatile and eco-friendly building material. From envisioning simple designs that blend seamlessly with nature to employing traditional craftsmanship techniques, we ensure our approach is holistic and forward-thinking.


25000 +

Tons Plastic Recycled


Houses Construced





What we Do

We Build Farmhouses & Penthouses using Bamboo & Recycled Plastic


Why Bamboo

Bamboo is a great ‘Green Solution’.   Bamboo is a wonderful replacement for trees with its short growth cycle and high carbon dioxide exchange rate. Bamboo is a grass with 80 genera and over 1200 documented species. A mature grove of bamboo sends up new shoots every year. These new shoots reach their full size in just a couple of months. Some grow 47 inches in 24 hours and can reach over 100 feet in height within 60 days.


This short growth cycle makes it a great replacement for slow-growing forests that are being steadily cut back. Bamboo can provide erosion control when other plants wash away. It can screen out unsightly areas and provide a noise barrier in the process.

Why Recycled Plastic

Recycling plastic waste for housing addresses pressing environmental concerns and offers a sustainable alternative to conventional construction materials. By transforming discarded plastic into durable building materials, such as bricks or panels, construction projects can reduce their reliance on traditional resources and decrease the carbon footprint associated with conventional materials like cement.

Using plastic waste into housing needs supports waste picking communities with fair prices. It also encourages the development of innovative construction techniques, paving the way for a more sustainable, cost effective and eco-friendly approach to meeting your housing needs.


Crushed Plastic Bottles

Our Projects

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