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Bamboo House India

Bamboo House India (BHI) is a social enterprise established by two first generation entrepreneurs Prashant Lingam (a Management Graduate) and Aruna Kappagantula (a Science Graduate).

Bamboo House India (BHI) - Transforming India Initiative (TII)
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How We Started

How It All Started!

Search for home furniture led to the introduction to the wonderful world of bamboo and its vast uses and applications. And after a deeper study, they've found that while other countries are utilizing bamboo for modern and innovative applications, India's use of bambos was mostly restricted to small handicrafts, scaffolding , ladders and construction of temporary houses.

So, the entrepreneurial couple established Bamboo House India aiming to create that transition where bamboo in India would be used for permanent housing and other eco friendly, low cost, value added applications such as interiors, furniture and handicrafts. 

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