What is the mission of Bamboo House India

BHI aims at bringing low cost, eco friendly prefabricated bamboo shelter solutions to the country.

What is a Bamboo prefabricated home

The term prefabricated home is actually used to describe a method of construction where house elements are built in factory and delivered to site by truck for installation .

How is a bamboo house framework made.

Entire framework is made with 40 x 40 square iron pipe.

How is the walling done.

Walling is done with 9mm bamboo board also called as bamboo ply.

What is bamboo board or bamboo ply.

Raw bamboo is converted into bamboo mats and bamboo mats are converted as bamboo boards through machine/engineering process.

What materials are used for roofing.

Roofing is done with 0.5 mm PPGL Color coated corrugated roof sheet.

What about heat.

Bamboo walling and false ceiling provided for the house cut’s the heat giving required cooling.

Is the house water proof.


Is the house fire proof.


What about Flooring.

Flooring is to be taken up by the customer as per his budget and choice.

Can we have kitchen.

Yes. Fully functional kitchen.

Can we have bathroom in a bamboo house.

Yes. Bathroom will have cement boards from inside and bamboo boards from outside.

Can I have partitions in the house.Toggle title

Yes, you can have any number of partitions you wish to have.

Who will do the Plumbing work.

Customer has to get it done his/her cost.

Who will do the Electricals.

Customer has to get the electrical done at his/her cost.

I want to build bamboo house on ground, what do I have to do.

You have to get the foundation done at your end at your cost.

I want to build bamboo house on terrace, what do I have to do.

You will have to do minimal brick work at your cost.

What about transport cost.

Transport cost has to paid by the customer directly to the driver at actual.

How much time it might take to complete a project.

30-45 days depending on the size, design and location of the project.

Do you do bamboo house's across India.

Yes, we build bamboo houses across the country.

Do we need to take municipal permission.

No permissions are required as it is considered temporary under municipal laws.

What kind of maintenance is required for bamboo houses.

Same kind of maintenance which goes in regular brick and mortar house, like cleaning, painting etc.

How much does a bamboo house cost.

Cost of a house depends on the design, size, no of rooms , etc. Each and every project cost is calculated as per requirements of the customer.

What is the minimum cost and size of a bamboo house.

Starting cost is Rs.1 Lakh of size 12ft x 12ft = 144 sft

What is the life span of a bamboo house.

Bamboo houses can last as high as 25 plus years.

What about safety.

Bamboo houses are as safe as any other conventional structure. Bamboo houses are wind, fire, water and earthquake proof.

Why should I build a bamboo house.

If you are looking for a low cost, eco friendly, maintenance free, permanent house/ room for your guests, children, yoga, exercise, meditation, music, friends which you can dismantle and re erect at your convenience then bamboo house is the solution as during this entire process of building a house for you, you are supporting environment and livelihoods.

Are bamboo houses sound proof.

No, it is not sound proof.

Are bamboo houses borer proof.

Yes, bamboo boards are made through engineering process making it borer proof .

How many bedrooms can I have.

It is purely your personal and budgetary choice

Will the house have false ceiling.

House will come with bamboo false ceiling.

If I want to shift the house.

Yes, it is possible , entire house can be dismantled and re erected again.

Can I see a demo bamboo house before finalizing.

Yes, you can visit our demo bamboo house to get an idea, how exactly a bamboo house looks.

Will team make a site visit.

Customer has to see the demo house, interact with us , give his requirements, take the budget and if project is finalized, then the team will come for a site visit but not before.

Any other thing I need to know.

For long distance projects, food and accommodation has to be provided to the artisan team during the period of construction.

How do we take it ahead, I am interested to get a bamboo house constructed.

Kindly mail us with your requirement , we will share the cost details.