About Bamboo House India

Bamboo House India is a social enterprise established by two first generation entrepreneurs Prashant Lingam ( Management Graduate) and Aruna Kappagantula (Science Graduate) in the year 2008 with an aim of utilizing bamboo as an economic driver for providing sustainable livelihood opportunities to rural and tribal communities dependent on bamboo for livelihoods and at the same time utilize bamboo as a eco friendly substitute for wood , steel, iron steel and plastic – Bamboo House in Hyderabad.

Search for a home furniture led to the introduction to the wonderful world of bamboo and its vast uses and applications. Deeper study in the sector, gave the insight that while other countries are utilizing bamboo for different and modern applications, bamboo in India was mostly restricted to small handicrafts, scaffolding , ladders and construction of temporary houses. BHI was established with an aim of and intention to use bamboo for permanent housing and other value added applications.

Through our enterprise, we try to address the following issues.

  • Create business model for the bamboo housing activity.
  • Advocate on the issue of forest restrictions on bamboo.
  • Provide livelihood opportunities to marginalised communities in the bamboo sector.
  • Develop market linkages for bamboo products.
  • Design, develop and promote bamboo housing, urban and low cost rural housing.
  • Bamboo as substitute for wood, steel, iron & plastic.
  • Promote bamboo entrepreneurship.

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